From Pillar to Post... to Gates!

Recently, Mr. Dye came to us with a fantastic job in Southwell for an incredible property. He joined us at the office for a meeting to look through his own drawings of steel gates he wanted. He also brought along the architects’ drawings for us to view.

Our team took a close look at these and put together our own engineering drawings to bring the job to life.

The project required strong subframes for the stone pillars, we used box section steel to build them in the workshop, with levelling frames and tie bars to assist during installation. Once tested, we set aside the subframes as we knew they were structurally sound for the job.

The next step was to manufacture the gates ready for installation!

Once we were finished with the manufacturing of the gates, we sent them for galvanising, then to Nottingham Powdercoating Ltd, before being delivered to site ready for installation.

Now it was time to head over to site in Southwell in preperation for the final tasks of the job.

At site, Carmalor Group had been busy digging the two holes in the ground for the pillars and steel subframes to be fitted. We installed the subframes into the ground, which was then concreted to ground level.

Once the concrete was set, Jay at Natural Cut Stone Ltd got to work and built the pillars surrounding our subframes. These looked fantastic!

Big shoutout to Jay, his team and their workmanship. First class!!

With the pillars set in place, Nottingham Powdercoating delivered our finished gates ready to be installed and bring the job together.

A great powdercoat finish from these guys as always!

With the gates now installed, Jay’s finishing touches added, the final project looks amazing.

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